The Reason Why

Individualised youth services – Concept idea

We consider the model of individualised youth services as a customised supportive setting accounting for the individual situation, experiences and resources of our clients.

This model is a flexible and differentiated service taking the biographies of minors and their families into consideration. With their experience and history, these clients are no longer eligible for conventional youth services. Therefore perspectives and strategies for support, as well as building alternative perspectives, are developed together with them.

Our services are characterised by the continuity of relationship and resiliency in the supportive setting.

Perspectives for Active Youth Aid

Considering the increase in biographical crises, stress and excessive demands experienced by at-risk minors and their families, the participation of youth is of utmost importance to our work. A genuine interest in the life of our clients is the prerequisite for the effectiveness of our services.

The following ideas are central to our methodology:

  • Voluntary participation
  • Alignment with the living environments of clients
  • Guidance in everyday life (tasks and methods)
  • Integration
  • Securing a livelihood and coping with everyday life
  • Intervention and democratic action
  • Promoting self-responsibility and social commitment