Principles of the Individualised Approach

What are the distinguishing features of an individualised project?

  • The cornerstone of an individual approach is crafting unique projects.
  • The specific values and lifestyle of the professionals providing assistance and those receiving assistance, results in a unique relationship.
  • Changes in relationships are directly traced, defining requirements and objectives. New experience realms for the positive development of minors and families are opened.
  • Individualised projects are flexible, as new ways of support are constantly considered (such as visits, out-of-home care, ambulatory assistance to gaining full independence)

Individual approach to clients

  • A project is unique to the person receiving assistance.
  • Services are based on the needs of a person receiving assistance rather than their deficits.
  • Both motifs and strengths are analysed, pursuing a holistic approach to a person’s personality.

Special status of clients receiving assistance in a project

  • Integral to the service provided are the core professional stance and personal views of those professionals providing assistance.
  • Both the relationship quality and the attitude of the professionals providing assistance are the bases for a successful project.
  • Provide customised matching of the professionals based on personality and skills, with our clientele.

Project requirements define organisation form

  • Administrative aspects are adjusted to the services we provide.
  • Both organisation form and structure are based on individualised services.
  • Our excellent network and cooperation partners allow a singularly provided holistic approach.