Our Service

We re dedicated to providing individualised services, support and counselling. Our activities are based on a wealth of experience and great commitment. We are motivated by the variety of biographies and possible solutions. Our offers of assistance range from flexible ambulatory services, short-term time-outs for minors in crises, to long-term out-of-home care in Germany and … Read more

Professional guidelines

Ambulatory assistance provided by WIR Kinder- und Jugendhilfe gGmbH is based on the following guidelines: Best interests of the child Mindfulness of a child’s best interests is a top priority for us. The ability of and the growing need for independent and self-responsible acting and special social needs and particularities with age are accounted for. … Read more

Ambulatory assistance

Ambulatory assistance means flexible individualised professional support in the living environment of a child, a youth and their families. This type of assistance characterised by outreach work is used in addition to family assistance and existing assistance. Professionals act conscientiously in a young person’s environment. Resources and skills of a person receiving assistance are used … Read more

Assisted living

This is considered to be a service for youths or young adults of different cultural origins aiming to gain independence in their own flat. They are assisted in their everyday life. Flats are provided by a young person or their guardian, a selected partner or the organisation. This is an intermediate step on the road … Read more

Individualised out-of-home care

According to the Child and Youth Welfare Act every minor is considered a person in a specific individual situation. Our individualised approach plans, organises and provides assistance specific to each case. Our services are provided for those minors who cannot be reached with conventional services, standard out-of-home care, special programs of assistance ¬– or those … Read more