Quality Assurance 

In an increasingly complex world, it is difficult for young people and families to find orientation, build up sustainable, long-lasting relationships and meet social requirements. Given a specific personal background, this may quickly turn into an exceptionally stressful situation. Against this background our individual approach poses unique opportunities to all parties involved.

Therefore, we see ourselves as a learning organisation regularly and systematically reflecting our work. In doing so, we are supported by different experts in praxis, science and research.

The following aspects are considered components of a successful quality process, performance and compliance with quality standards. Quality assurance through:

  • concept design
  • personnel development
  • team development
  • documentation of processes and services

We hold regular dialogues with commissioning funding agencies. While participating in work groups and committee work, quality dialogues with other organisations, state youth welfare offices, educational bodies and our umbrella organisation.

Within the scope of our quality management the following parameters are constantly reviewed and communicated:

  • quality of structure
  • quality of process
  • quality of result

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