Concepts of Action 

What is our method? Building relationships!

Our services are individually tailored around the specific needs of our clientele. We pursue concepts of action based on humanist and systemic approaches, coupled with core elements of individualised youth services. In pursuit of transformational experiences, building relationships of trust are essential to our model of social work.

The chemistry between professionals providing the assistance, and the persons receiving assistance – has to be right. Therefore, we individually select all freelance professionals on the basis of their experience and personality traits.

Shaping self-responsible and cooperative personalities is the focus of our pedagogic activities, by:

  • Offering a supportive relationship based on reliability and acceptance.
  • Individualised out-of-home care setting on a 1:1 basis.
  • Guidance in managing everyday life, in their social environments.
  • Empowering to gain self-efficacy and resource orientation.
  • Flexibility and transparency.
  • Voluntary participation, co-production.

Customised offers of assistance

In order to meet individual requirements, distinguished freelance professionals are recruited. These employ a variety of methods, extending their services by continually acquiring additional qualifications such as:

  • Systemic theory training.
  • Focus on violence-related topics.
  • Theories of attachment.
  • Language proficiency and intercultural competences.
  • Skills and interests (such as adventure therapy, handicrafts or agricultural activities).

Our services, ideas and concepts are collaboratively conceived, leaving opportunities for experience and learning.

We create spaces
and possibilities.