Children’s rights

In order to raise awareness for children’s rights we and the children and youths as well as their families, the persons providing assistance and youth welfare offices thoroughly dealt with these rights. In youth aid, some of these rights are of utmost importance. We want to protect and strengthen these rights.

Children’s rights include all children irrespective of their origin, colour of skin, religion or other status.

A child’s life must be protected and its development must be supported in the best possible way.

All measures concerning children focus on a child’s well-being.

Parents are mainly responsible for child education. In doing so they receive adequate support.

Children not living with their parents have the right to a regular examination of all circumstances relating to their placement.

Children must be protected against any type of physical or mental violence, maltreatment or neglect.

Protection against unjustified interference with private life, family, flat or correspondence. Protection against insult and mobbing.

Children have a right to best possible health, food and medical assistance and to learn how to lead a healthy life.

Right to age-appropriate active recreation and leisure activities, cultural and artistic activities.

All children shall receive a good education at school and a good professional training and shall be supported and promoted correspondingly.